Wireless Sensing

Transforming pervasive WiFi from a pure communication medium to an intelligent sensing platform.
Enabling wireless, contactless, sensorless sensing for revolutionary AIoT applications without cameras or wearables.

Motion Detection

Sleep Monitoring

Fall Detection

Child Presence Detection

Gesture Control

Activity Monitoring

Gait Recognition

Passive Localization

Open Wireless Sensing

An online space for sharing useful resources and latest advances among wireless sensing researchers and entrepreneurs and with the larger research community to advance wireless sensing technologies and promote positive life outcomes.

Sensing Intelligence

Wireless, Contactless, Sensorless Sensing with RF signals.
Equip IoT devices with sensing intelligence of the physical world!


RF beyond communication.
Everything wireless.


Sensing remotely.
Sensing through the walls.
Sensing for whole home.


No cameras. No wearables.
No dedicated sensors.
Only connected THINGS.